Hello everybody!
This will be my last post here since I'm moving my blog to an other location!
From now on I will be located here. Much better!
Not only am I moving my blog, I'm acctually moving myself to. On thursday I will stuff me and my bags on a train from Berlin and we'll land in Gothenburg where Schatz will meet us. :D

Want to give you a little tip about this book that I'd love to buy, Papercraft 2: Design an art with paper. It's of course one of Gestaltens publications and if you haven't already looked in their webbshop you definitely should, tons of interesting books.

See you!

Postat av: Linh

Åh nej, då hamnar ju din lilla bokmärkeflik längst ner på listan. Åh. :/

2011-04-03 @ 01:24:33

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